PhoneRadar Weekly Giveaway – Win a Xiaomi Mi Max Smartphone

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Xiaomi Mi Max Giveaway

We all like to take a break from work and just hit the play button on our smartphones to either play games or watch videos. That is where large sized handsets came into the play as they offer large real estate to immerse yourself fully in the enjoyment of the games or videos on-the-go. Xiaomi’s latest smartphone, the Mi Max is built on that requirement, and we are a plan to announce that it is the latest handset that we would be giving away to one of our most active readers.

Today marks the day of Phone Radar weekly giveaway, where we are giving away Xiaomi Mi Max smartphone for this week. So, starting today, you can participate in this giveaway and get yourself a sweet Mi Max smartphone. But before we go into the details of the giveaway, let’s talk about the smartphone here first.

The Xiaomi Mi Max is the perfect companion for users who likes nothing less of amazing action when it comes to playing games. It is a handset for users who doesn’t approve of small screens on smartphones as they believe videos should be watched in large screen. It has a 6.44-inch 1080p resolution display with 87% screen to body ratio.

Talking about the other specifications, in brief, it is powered by a Snapdragon 650 chipset and is accompanied by a 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. Note that storage can be expanded up to 128GB via microSD card slot. It is powered by Android 6.0 Marshmallow overlaid by MIUI. The camera setup includes 16MP rear and 5MP front-facing module. All this is fuelled by a 4850 mAh capacity battery, which is quite a lot. You can read our Xiaomi Mi Max Review to know everything about this Smartphone.

To Win this Smartphone, you will have to go through the following steps.

Congratulations to our Winner:

Xiaomi Mi Max Specifications:

6.44-inch 1080p Display
Hexa-Core Snapdragon 650
32GB internal storage
Expandable up to 128GB
16MP Rear Camera
5MP Front Camera
4850 mAh

Note: To get started you need to remember that the giveaway will start Every Monday & end on Sunday. We are the most active on Twitter @PhoneRadarBlog hence, you need to follow there to know more about the upcoming Announcements & winner names. Do Comment below once you have joined this Giveaway.

  • Sandy C

    I have just participated in the giveaway and I am quite excited about this. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Ramya Ramaswamy

    wish to win at least once with Phoneradar and Amit sir.. hope to be lucky this time

  • Nebu Cherian

    I have entered the contest…hope to get lucky this time around…

  • chiragkapuriya

    Boom! Participated but curious to know rules for the same?

  • Mahesh Kumar

    Awesome another giveaway.
    Great Device.

  • R A

    Awesome. Hope to win.


    Just entered! Hope to win this time….

  • Nitish Mishra

    MiMax Giveaway…..PhoneRadarMax

  • snowhite89

    Just entered! Hope to win

  • Rohit Kavathekar

    I Just Entered into this Giveaway… Wish to Win This Time… Give my Best … Thanks For Giveaway phoneradar Team 🙂

  • Robin Ghai

    I am in!

  • pa5t1s

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks for finally choosing one of my ‘suggestion’ in your latest poll/survey! 😛

  • Vishrant

    Entered for the first time in a phoneradar giveaway! Excited

  • Shibin A

    Good luck to me

  • Sohail Kazi

    Count me In Guys🙂

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  • Sohail Kazi

    Its a New Big the #MiMax😍
    Wish to be Lucky to win

  • Sohail Kazi

    I Like Gifts🎁 will u’ll surprise meh😍
    #MiMax The New Big

  • Mikhail_Sergeevich

    So I’m in. Good luck guys!

  • nirav patel

    Thanks for the giveaway

  • I’m filing good this giveaway 😉

  • mphatso

    I can feel the win coming

  • pranshu kapoor

    I want mi max 3gb ram and 32 GB ROM. Please tell me how many week for mi max come

  • kar

    i want this yea!

  • Vikas

    This is the first time i have participated into a giveaway 😜 hope i win #PhoneRadarMax

  • Sohail Kazi

    😍 Mi Max😍
    3GB RAM
    6.44 inch Display protected with GorillaGlass3🙈
    16 mp primary Shooter📷
    Snapdragon 650 Hexa-core processor
    Humongous 4850 mAh Battery🐃
    Fingerprint scanner
    Trust of Mi (Xiaomi)
    What elese do we want, its a Perfect👌 Phone for Gamers🎮 & Business usage with its Bigger but also comfortable size.
    Really wish to win “The New Big”

  • Lavanya Prashanth

    phone with all options and best price .. where a common man can also afford …

  • Sohail Kazi

    * Mi Max “The New Big” *
    The Name says it all :
    This phone has got every thing a Good Phone must have.
    Big Screen (6.44 inch), Awesome 16mp primary Shooter📷❤ , Fingerprint Scanner👍 , Lightning Fast Snapdragon 650 Hexa-core Processor, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Protection & Metallic Back with curved Edges😍, Humongous 4850mAh Battery. The Phones Build Quality Looks to be Awesome.
    The Best thing is its a blend of ‘Phone’ as well as ‘Tablet’ so it looks pleasingto our Eyes & more comfortable in hand than a regular Tablet.
    And can you believe the prize its just ₹15000 in India.

    Only concern about this Device is thers no USB Type-C so it would take ~3hrs to fully charge with this Huge 4850mAh Battery power.

    Overall the phone is Xuper cooll, i really wish to have this Phone. Wish to win one over here😍

  • Sujan Hegde

    Waiting for the results

  • umang bedi

    Once again thanks for a mi phone giveaway ….may be i win so no need to buy new android phone..lumia 830 sucks

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      • diveek

        All the best!;)

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    Wish to wakeup & Get surprised as a winner on results day❤
    For now, Gd Nyt everyone !!

  • Arie Kembario

    I hope win this giveaway

  • sarthik gupta

    Lets see if my Luck wants me to have a MI Max in my Hand

  • Samskarebyaha S

    I have done all of the above. How do I know its been registered and I am eligible?

  • Rushabh Doshi

    Entry confirmed!Now lets hope for the best!

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    Done, Wish to WIN 😀

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    Done 🙂

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    Done ^^ good luck to everyone !!

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    Wish to Hold this Humongous Metalic Beast “The Mi Max” in my Hands🙌😍
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    Big screens are the best accessories on smartphone and this one is no exception

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    Goodluck to us 🙏😙

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    Joined, never win any giveaway.. Hope to win this time..

  • Sohail Kazi

    Hers a Phone with Humongous Size & a person with Bigger desire to win it😍🎁

  • Sergio Teixeira

    All done!
    Thank you 🙂

  • Sohail Kazi

    Wish you Luck @MahibubPatil
    I desire to win this phone too😊 , its really a verry nice phone with its Metallic build & some amazing specs with MIUI 8 still to come❤

  • Sohail Kazi

    Wish you Get Lucky !!

    • Mahibub Patil

      Thank You

  • Nitin Sharma

    i am following amit bhawani and phone radar for long time .
    they gives the quick news always .
    i am not sure i will win or not but doesn’t matter to me.
    phone radar keep me updating 🙂

  • Rocío Urban

    I’m in! Thank you so much for doing these giveaways! Good luck to everyone.

  • Sohail Kazi

    Any @Xiaomi users over here ?? Thers a Good News, the MIUI 8 Stable ROM starts Rolling out today 23rd August 🍻

  • Since I don’t have a laptop in working condition, I can use this at home for multiple purposes.. 🙂

  • Subhashish Mohan Dash

    Good luck everyone…Praying for all of you..may it land into the hands of the most needed…!!
    thanks @PhoneRadarBlog …
    Wish me also..!!

  • Tauseef khan

    Best of luck everyone !! Phoneradar provides best giveaways contest to us !! As i had won a bluetooth speaker earlier !! So go on and share this giveaway as much as u can!! Thnxi

  • Ramya Ramaswamy

    Want to win this giveaway

  • Mohammad Sathaliya

    had been following from a long time specially in twitter and the site ..been a good source to get some early quick news.. And ya hope i get the MI MAX .. so at least i can use JIO 4G ..have the moto G so cant use it on my phone …have to use on father’s phone … hope it will make my day .. finger cross…

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  • Nitin Bansal

    Dear team, trying very hard to win with you for a very long time. Pls notice my efforts.

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    Happy Janamashthmi to all of your team from me & my sweet Kanha..

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    Twitter Handle:.singhsiddhart24

    • Nitin Sharma

      its all random process bro
      if u will lucky then u can get.

      • Siddharth Singh

        No bro!!! They pick the most active person in the giveaway.Thats why they asked on Twitter who is the most active ?

        • Nitin Sharma

          actually gleam based giveaway are based on random pick.

  • Mahibub Patil

    Hello Team,
    Don’t forgot me.. Please add me in your winner list..! @amitbhawani @PhoneRadarBlog #PhoneRadarMax

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    Update : Only 33 hours Left

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    A great fan of Xiaomi. Using mi4i since last 1 year. Want to replace it with Mi Max. Trying my best team to win this giveaway. Pls notice my efforts team.

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  • Siddharth Singh

    I have 55 entries please select me

  • Siddharth Singh

    I have 55 entries select me

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    Hi friends today is last day of this contest so play this contest maximum and get your prize.. this is very nice contest.. you can play this now.. because just 22 hour left to end this contest #phoneradarmax @phoneradarblog

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    Forgot to comment here but i already joined the giveaway

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    When are they going to announce who the winner is I been waiting for days to know who it is?

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  • Osama Saad

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