OnePlus to launch two smartphones in 2015, confirms GD & co-founder Carl Pei

by Chetan Bhawani 2

OnePlus One Sandstone Black Camera

Surprise for the OnePlus fans, as the company is now preparing to launch two smartphones this year. Whether that is the mini version of the OnePlus One or its successor, the company’s co-founder and Global director Carl Pei said that they are focusing on a device that will be more about design than specs. Last month, Pei had confirmed that the OnePlus Two is going to be released in 2015.

While talking to PC World, Carl Pei said how the team didn’t expect the response and weren’t prepared for the demand initially. For the OnePlus One, the sales were expected to be between 30,000 and 50,000 units but by November 2014, OnePlus had already sold half a million devices. Now, the demand has increased in US and India.

“The Internet has made the world so flat, you can communicate with anyone, anywhere nowadays,” said Pei, who grew up in Sweden, and leads OnePlus’s 80-person international team. “I don’t think there is a reason to limit yourself anymore. If it’s a good product you should share it with the world.”

Supplies of OnePlus One were limited, as they don’t want to overstock the phones and thus the availability is limited. A special invite system has always been there for those who wanted to purchase the OnePlus One (check the OnePlus One invite giveaway), and the reason is that the company has thin profit margin and overstocking and not selling won’t be good.

While Pei mentioned that the OnePlus Two might be coming in the next six months, he spilled the beans about another device the company is planning. “I think its going to be a phone catering to a different type of audience. Perhaps for those who appreciate design over specs,” Pei said.

He also put focus into how a company has to focus on pricing while innovating. “I think in every industry, the innovation has been about how to deliver a better product at a lower price,” Pei said. “The smartphone industry will be the same.”

Putting focus on the design won’t be something new for the fans though, as it was the design in the OnePlus One (check review) which we loved more than anything else. But it will be interesting to see what this quickly growing company has in plans for 2015.

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  • Well to me the One Plus One was already a beautifully designed phone with solid material that made it even better. It is understandable that people probably wouldn’t consider a slab of sandstone with specs a good design but the sandstone feel was amazing. Iphone 6 is a beautifully designed phone but its also slippery. I personally prefer grip and specs over design. But this phone can be a direct competitor to the future Iphone now that they will have a great design and similar specs at half the price. That should be interesting with the high demand.

  • Jugal Mudoi

    Definitely Oneplus one had its own design and that’s almost stand on the perfectness. I believe design was also a factor behind the huge demand for this phone I liked that. But if they are planning to come up with a design based phone then we can expect something new and much better. Whatever they do I just love their strategy and they succeed to always create the buzz around it.