OnePlus One SandStone Black 64GB Variant Photo Gallery

by Chetan Bhawani 4

OnePlus One Sandstone Black Front

The OnePlus One smartphone, named as the Flagship Killer for this year, has one main “killer” point – the design which stands out in the crowd and flaunt itself with the excellent build quality and a perfect design. Earlier, we shared the photo gallery of the white variant, but this time, here’s the beautiful Sandstone Black variant of the OnePlus One!

OnePlus – the brand with the hype about everything, from the design to its marketing, has done a considerably wonderful job in terms of design of its first device, the OnePlus One. Earlier, the OnePlus One review we did had the white one, while the Sandstone Black variant of the device adds a few more points, only for the build and comfort it gives because of the rough back panel which doesn’t just give a good feel, but is the same with the look too.

The name “Sandstone” is aptly given to it, because it has a coarse material from the top to bottom on the back area, and the 1+ branding with the “shine on the dark” look adds to the good aesthetics.

The back cover isn’t removable and that is the reason why the back area is continued over the sides, and that adds to the beauty of the device. On the hand, it is very comfortable and OnePlus is one of the rear brands which has taken care of everything when it comes to design, as we stated in the OnePlus One review.

The Silk white version doesn’t look any bad either, but I like the Sandstone Black one more.

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  • AFAIK, back cover can be removed after removing SIM slot.

  • The sandstone black was used to take a pic of another sandstone black? This phone behind the note 4, is the most anticipated phone for me. Its beautifully designed has a premium fel and a nice camera. The price is only 350 for this!!! It also has a modded form of pure stock which shows promising features and custimiszabilty. When this is updated to 5.0 it will truly be the flagship killer!

  • Suraj Racharla

    This is another very good budjet friendly phone and ALSO one of the best phones of the year. I didnt how they pulled it off but they did a pretty good job of delivering a flagship quality smart phone for such a low price. It may not be as good as the galaxy note4 or the iphone 6 plus but people who are looking for a low price. The 3 things i like about this phone is customization customization and customization.For people who want to customize a phone to their likings the OnePus is for them. Cynogen mod is also a working great withthis phone. I also like alot of the features they offer. Like choice between on screen or off screen buttons and many more. One Plus is definatly a flagship killer for most devices.Great article and good job One Plus One!!!!

  • Ahmad Ansari

    It is good to have manufacturers who acknowledge the needs of the consumer and built a well crafted product, which has overall a very good user experience and that for a very affordable price. Oneplus one is targeted towards the Geek as well as users shifting from iOS platform and also the newbie for android. It is a stylish smartphone with lots of customisation and good camera optics for normal users.