Nokia 215 – Cheapest Internet Phone from Microsoft launched for $29

by Chetan Bhawani 5

Nokia 215

Affordable and simple analog keypad handsets have been Nokia’s way of reigning the mobile phone market in the past, and the need and demand for such phones only got reduced with the introduction of smartphones. But not everyone can afford smartphones, and the need for these cheap phones is still there in some markets. Microsoft, after acquiring Nokia, isn’t resting that legacy as the company just launched Nokia 215 – the cheapest Internet phone.

Offering 29 days of battery on standby, the Nokia 215 costs just $29 and with the built in FM Radio and torch, the phone has a Dual SIM option as well. The device has a 2.4-inch 320×240 pixels display, a VGA (0.3-megapixel) camera and Bluetooth connectivity, and to give the users all the basic stuff for what it is called an “Internet phone”, there are pre-installed apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, and Bing Search.

Nokia 215 Front

In several places around the world, a proper Internet connectivity is still far from reach, and for those starting with that, the Nokia 215 can act as a bridge before advancing to the smartphone level.

“With our ultra-affordable mobile phones and digital services, we see an inspiring opportunity to connect the next billion people to the Internet for the first time,” said Jo Harlow, corporate vice president of Microsoft Devices Group. “The Nokia 215 is perfect for people looking for their first mobile device, or those wanting to upgrade to enjoy affordable digital and social media services, like Facebook and Messenger.”

Nokia 215 Top

Taking advantage of Bluetooth connectivity, Nokia 215 has a feature called SLAM using which, content sharing can be done between devices, and hands-free calls can be made with the Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity.

The Nokia 215 phone will come in Bright Green, Black and White, and will roll out first in select markets in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe in Q1 2015. The battery packed into the phone has a capacity of 1100 mAh, and that is said to be giving 29 days of standby time in Single SIM variant, and about 21 days on Dual SIM variant, and the talk time is about 20 hours.

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  • vivek ganeriwal

    Its look like nokia is finding the way how to come back 🙂

    • I guess you can say this was their bread and butter their formula that brought them so much success over the years but i have to say times have changed. Its going to be ridiculously tough to make a big impact and take over the top competitors. I hope for the best!

  • Shanky Yadav

    You are right that there are still some areas not having a good Internet connectivity for them it would be a bridge as no one can afford thousands for their smartphone so for them Microsoft continuous the Nokia legacy to reach every hand , saying it a Internet Phone is right as it provides all the basic connectivity which are now a part of half of the people in this world like Facebook and messenger, Twitter and bing to search everything but all these are far away from Google. It has impressive battery backup which I think should be in my smartphone too.

  • Wow new and yet very nostalgic. Nokia had an incredible reign of dominance continuously releasing top selling smartphone after top selling smartphone occasionally hindered every now and then by the brand that started it all, Motorola. I remember my bar style Nokia phone a few years back as well- one of my first phones and if what they are doing with their internet based phones was available back then it would have been even more amazing. Those apps look greatly tailored for the Nokia screen and keypad so it’s ultra impressive and it manages to have a VGA camera like the front facing snapper on my phone. I get broh back to the old days when everyone had this type of phone or a Nokia and it feels nice. The price is great too. This truly will be the bridge between the next level of phne!

  • Jugal Mudoi

    I would definitely say that is great if they really want to keep the legacy of Nokia with and their intention to reach out the intinternet and digital services to each people in whole is appreciable. It really reminds me the days when we all had such Nokia phones and other brand phones. I love their pricing for this internet based phone… really Microsoft are taking some ahahead steps. I would want to see this phone in India too. After all the role these phones had once taken in our life we couldn’t ignore that for furthermore.