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Netflix’s Fast Speed Test App for iOS & Android Released – Download APK

Netflix launched an internet speed test with back in the month of May. People are already quiet familiar with the tool and it is widely used by many. But it was a bummer as there was no mobile application for the same since a huge chunk of the Netflix’s services are being used on mobile devices as well. Well, it looks like the company has finally decided to do something about it.

Yes, the Netflix’s speed test tool at is now available for download on iOS and Android. Now the question is, what’s so different about this application. Essentially it is the same exact tool which is already available on the website. This is just an application to allow people access it easily. You can download the APK for the application and start using it now.

This will definitely help Fast as well, since more users will now use their services. But apart from that, the other reason why this would be helpful for Netflix is, now they will have more data on where internet service providers are doing a good job or otherwise. And now talking about why it might be a good reason for users to pick Fast over other speed tests, is that mostly all the service providers are well aware of certain popular testing sites and hence they optimise their network to perform better on those specific tests.

Download Fast Speed Test App Apk 301.74 KB 151 downloads

This application can be used to measure your internet speeds. This application...

So this means the results which are produced in these speed tests could be inflated well beyond what the actual speeds are. But on the other hand, Fast measures the connection speeds on Netflix’s servers. So now if the internet service providers will optimise for that, it is still going to be beneficial to a lot of people. Well, there’s certainly no other possible reason as to why you should be using this over the other applications available online. Talking about other speed test application, TRAI also launched their own speed test application called the ‘My Speed’. You can download the APK and test the application yourself. Stay tuned for more info on this.

By Karthik Iyer on Wednesday 10th of Aug 2016

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