Motorola DROID Turbo (via Verizon) Launched with QHD Display, Snapdragon 805

by Chetan Bhawani 30

Motorola Droid Turbo

Verizon and Motorola have finally launched the Droid Turbo, the powerful version of the Moto X, limited to the Verizon network carrier. To be available from October 30th for $199.99 on contract for a 32GB model or $249.99 on contract for a 64GB version, the Motorola Droid Turbo boasts the Quad HD display and it is powered by the Snapdragon 805 processor with 3GB RAM.

According to Verizon, the 3900 mAh battery in the Droid Turbo is capable to running for 48 hours before getting discharged, and there is the Turbo Charger included, which is supposed to give a charge for 8 hours of usage, in just 15 minutes of charging. The device will be running Android 4.4 Kitkat out of the box, but Motorola says it will be releasing the Android Lollipop update to it, as soon as the new version of Android is released officially.

One big difference from the new Moto X is that the Droid Turbo has three touch buttons out of the display, and thus making the device taller than the Moto X. The color options in which the Droid Turbo will be available, include metallic black, metallic red and ballistic black.

The latest best Droid smartphone from Motorola is going to be unveiled on 28th October in New York. Most of the details we shared below, still seem to hold the same value as more leaks are coming out with the specs that were leaked earlier too. Although available on contract, the Droid Turbo will be available for $599.99 without a contract (full retail price).

Earlier: Motorola DROID Turbo with QHD Display, 21MP Camera Leaked via User Guide
Not the first time we have seen a user guide for an upcoming smartphone leaked, and not the first time we are trusting on that, to figure out about the specifications of that device. After the recent launch of the new Moto X and Moto G, Motorola seems to be prepping up for another powerful device, and this is surprisingly, a lot more powerful and heavy loaded than the flagship Moto X 2nd gen. Motorola’s Droid Turbo is the name, and following are the details one can find in the 74-page user manual.

Motorola Droid Turbo

The specifications are taking you on a ride – 5.2-inch display with UHD resolution (yes, that’s 2560×1440 pixels), and with the smaller screen than both LG G3 and Oppo Find 7, the pixel density is higher in the Droid Turbo. Limited to Verizon network, the Droid Turbo will be coming with 4G LTE connectivity.

Earlier to this, the information about backplate of the Droid Turbo was leaked, and that is now confirmed with this user guide as there is a 21-megapixel camera on the rear side, with two LED flash lights, one on either side of the camera, but they are not within any ring (like the one in new Moto X) and they are not that close to the lens. Interestingly, the volume rocker buttons can be pulled out with a fingernail and they act as a SIM tray. And because this is with Verizon, the SIM card is pre-installed in the device out of the box.

Moto Turbo Charger

The name “Turbo” has something to do with the charging of the battery, as the specific accessory Moto Turbo Charger is going to come bundled along with this smartphone, and with that, the device gets charged from zero to hundred in three hours. The turbo charger isn’t the only option for charging the device though, as the Droid Turbo has the wireless (Qi) charging compatibility.

There is an NFC antenna on the back, thus the connectivity is not limited to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4G LTE via Verizon. This looks very exciting, and we might see this officially announced very soon.

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  • Shanky Yadav Jungly

    turbo charging means can charge faster…???

    • yeah a special charger and port will allow for amazing charge speeds like 75% in half an hour!! Thats quite the turbo charge!

  • Suraj Racharla

    This is going to be one of the best phones of the year if these rumors are true. Expecting a high price tag for this phone. All all the features you want like G3’s QHD display and Samsung Galaxys note 4 Ultra Fast Charging. Could have been even better if it had a finger print scanner but i think it would be better for motorola to launch it on the NExus 6

    • Shanky Yadav Jungly

      Yeah… I think it can compete with note 4

      • Suraj Racharla

        But the design is terrible compared to the note 4

      • In therms of sheer power this will be a direct competitor to the note 4 as they will probably be the strongest on the market and the new debate will be which has more to offer. Note takes it right now n terms of design and droid turbo takes it with the camera

  • Shanky Yadav Jungly

    This is gonna be the best and can compete To those high end devices

    • This phone will provide a whole new dimension to the competition. The power is supreme and if its paired with moto maker youll get supreme power and customization!!

  • Suraj Racharla

    But i dont like the design of motorola phones

    • Nikhil Narkhede


  • Shanky Yadav Jungly

    Well its back is little different from moto x g and e

  • Not as appealing as the Moto X and Nexus 6.

    • More appealing than both of them right now.

      • honestly more appealing both of them combined. with moto x you are just going to get some basic second gen stuff, with nexus 6 you ar going t get an untouched pure stock experiences. This phone is onto something new nd is sure to amaze with its power alone its almost like a phone on steroids!!

  • Shanky Yadav Jungly

    3 styles zero comparision is what makes it unique

  • Shanky Yadav Jungly

    zero comparison bw them makes it a alot different from from motorola nexus

  • Nikhil Narkhede

    Only smartphone that can be compared to Note4 .

    • In terms of sheer power packed in a device? yeah indeed. but other than sheer power there is so many aspects to making a phone and those aspects are what can be compard all across devices.

  • Subham Bapna

    Motorola is also working on to bring the Global version of Droid Turbo in the market, the Global version would be named as Moto Maxx and would come with the same huge specs which come with the droid turbo. But I don’t understand one thing, why is it not launching it with the name : Droid Turbo International version and similar names? Can anyone here let me know ?

    • That sounds like a question only motorola knows the answer to. It is the droid maxx in mexico and latin america now so its a marketing campaign tactic that i cant explain sorry.


    Super phone by Motorola!

    • yeah indeed the the uhd resolution is going to really make this phone an ultra powerhouse

  • Joshua Akinsola

    fast chargin really appealing people really like having battery life

  • Shashank Chourey

    Moto always comes up with something new..

  • Shashank Chourey

    Moto provides the best hardware imo

  • Suraj Racharla

    This is like the most future proof smartphone who could get but the design of the phone as a whole really throws people away. Yes motorola is offereing the best specs possible right now and amzing features like turbo charging and an amazing camera and a quad hd screen but this phone doesnt grab anyones attention. If you put if up in a store people will most likely not pay attention to it because they are mainly focused on design. If motorola ups their design the company is going to do great. Not that they are doing great right now but they can do better

  • I for one would like this phone. Its worked on its design their is great food options. The phone is also blazing fast ofcourse with quadhd and turbonchargimg. WhTs not to like about this phone? Motorola has been making quality since day one

  • Android

    The poster says 3 styles zero comprimise. But i think they have comprimised on something. And that is the design. The design seems to be very geeky and it doesnt attract alot of people. It only attracts like people who actuallu know the specs and everything and care about the the Smartphone interiors. Motorola has come a long way to produce this smartphone and when you think about the first smartphone that was released by motorola you can see how long a way they have come. NO smartphone company produces a flawless device on their first phone launch and really it takes a few years to reach a position where the device is next to flawless. Motorola has produced such a device and i have to say it is really amazing. All i critisize about is the design. It may be my opnion only

  • Karthik Gopinath G

    Looks very cool. Can’t wait to see it in person