Microsoft’s Overpriced Lumia 640 XL Compared with Lenovo A7000 Launched Today

by Vishal Toshiwal 7

Microsoft Lumia 640 XL

Microsoft today announced their new Lumia smartphones in India, the 640 and 640 XL. Our team is at the launch event in New Delhi to provide you latest coverage from the ground. We have spent some time with these new mid-range handsets from Microsoft. And it got us thinking why you should and shouldn’t go with the Microsoft Lumia 640, Lumia 640 XL or either of them. We give you the comparison between Lumia 640 XL and Lenovo A7000. These both handsets are launched in India today, while 640 XL is priced at heavily at IRN 15799, its more powerful competitor on Android platform, A7000 is priced almost half of the Lumia 640 XL at INR 8999.

But let’s first talk about why this is more about why these new handsets from Microsoft are not the best choice in the same price range. Earlier, we expect Microsoft to be more aggressive with its pricing line up for their new Lumia’s. But with INR 11999 pricing of Lumia 640, we are not more excited about it. As well for its bigger sibling, the Lumia 640 XL, which is priced at INR 15799. History has repeated itself even with Nokia out of the picture. There was no mid-range Lumia smartphone that was priced correctly. For instance, Nokia Lumia 830 was priced around INR 27500 at the time of launch, and then it the price was marginally dropped within few weeks, and now it’s available for less than INR 20K. In conclusion, Lumia has always mocked its early purchasers, if not the late buyers. That’s not a great strategy for current consumers if the company wants to retain them.

We have compared these handsets in the most minimalistic way so that it’s better for you do decide which way to go.


These handsets can be called phablets, while 640 XL sports a 5.7-inch (720p) display, the A7000 features a 5.5-inch (720p) display, there is a form factor involved here. It’s not always a good to get a large screen device while the 5.5-inch factor on A7000 is still a best option if you are going to want a large screen device with great one-hand handling. The A7000 packs twice the RAM that is present on the 640 XL, while they both have the same 8GB internal storage, although, on Lumia you can expand storage up to 128GB Lenovo handset only gives you support of up to 32GB.

Microsoft 640 XL vs Lenovo A7000

There is no doubt that an Octa-core processor would outrun a performance by a Snapdragon 400. Moreover, it doesn’t even have a 4G LTE connectivity, which is currently present in most of the sub 10K category of smartphones. If Lumia has an edge over the A7000 then, it only in the camera department, as it packs 13MP rear camera while Lenovo has a lower 8MP rear camera. But fortunately it covers up by offering a 5MP selfie cam with beautification mode, which may not be present on Lumia 640 XL.


This is not exactly a right category to distinguish these two handsets, as they are powered by different mobile OS platforms. But if we have, to summarize, the choice of a Windows Phone OS and Android OS device, then, clearly one should go with a better ecosystem, which is clearly an Android OS. Moreover, the new Android 5.0 Lollipop is somewhat of a modern mobile OS that is cleaner and sport a 64-bit architecture making full use of the capacity of the hardware. While, on the other hand, the Lumia 640 XL is coming with Windows Phone 8.1 OS. There are no plans for a company to provide the Windows Phone 10 update to any time when it’s launched later this summer.


This is the most important factor here if you’re hunting for a budget friendly mid-ranger. And if that’s the case then it should be easier for you to go with A7000, as it is almost priced half of what Lumia 640 XL is available. Moreover, you get a better processor, double RAM and a 4G LTE connectivity in a sub 10K pricing.


We know it’s not fair to compare two smartphones with the different mobile OS platform. But If you’re not inclined to any particular platform, then your best choice in the sub-INR 10K pricing is Lenovo A7000. Both brands are tier 1 and if you’re looking for more, then Huawei which is also a tier 1 brand have an offering in the mid-range that is quite a good option, it’s the Honor 4X. We have reviewed the device and particularly liked its design and cameras, you can read our detailed review to learn more about it.

Vishal Toshiwal

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  • I don’t know how Microsoft can justify that price. Especially with a lot of phones like the A7000 in the market. On what basis is the price so high? only the resolution of the camera?

  • diveek

    Miscrosoft is out of the game, If they would like me to buy a 640 XL then they will have to Keep The Price at Rs 7,999. ( I am serious)

  • Aashray Anand

    I have not seen anyone choosing Windows over Android! If someone do it’s just for a change! What if there is no scope for Windows Phone n near future unless Microsoft plays a smart move!


    Lenovo is a MASS product and Lumia is a CLASS product… Build quality,Camera Lens,Processor are just few… Also “after sale Service”….


    Price is very much justified…. Please go through all features of the device and u will get the answer….

  • i dont see justification in its pricing. It is simply put overpriced. If you put similar specd phones like the a7000 in the same field then the definition of overpriced will rear its head. The lumia 640xl offers similar specs like the Lenovo and yet it costs a lot more. overpriced.

  • im_mukund

    If you need a good camera and good battery life, then Lumia 640 XL. Otherwise Lenovo A7000.