Microsoft may launch the Surface Phone powered by a laptop-class Intel Processor

by Karthik Iyer 6

Remember the rumours and leaks about the Surface Phone? Yes, we have a seen a lot of them till now, and they simply won’t stop. A couple of months back, we saw Microsoft Australia confirming the existence of the Surface Phone in this world. Well, since then we haven’t really heard much about this smartphone. However, now it looks like this phone is indeed a reality and guess what? It may launch soon. And that too it looks like it is going to pack a lot of power inside.

According to the source, Microsoft could be working on a new handset. And this is not going to be your average smartphone. It would be powered by a laptop-class processor from Intel. Latest tweets from the trusted source who is known for his reliable tweets include images of this alleged new surface phone. These images appear to be from the marketing material of the Phone. And when we are talking about marketing materials here, it can only mean one thing, and that is the company might be planning for a launch after all.

All the speculations point to a Surface Phone, however, in that case, it would have been nicer to see it being powered by Windows 10 instead of Windows 10 Mobile. There is only so much that a mobile OS can handle and when you talk about a laptop-class processor, there is a huge chance of all the power being wasted here. Also, one of the other major concern here is the battery life. Powering a laptop-class processor would need much more power than the mobile chipset. Well, let’s just hope that the company will come up with a solution for the same here.

But on the other hand, this decision is a welcome move from the company. Considering the fact they already have a strong base with these suppliers like Intel, integrating the components here on a smartphone and come up with a new product is something that we all are waiting for. Hence like it or not, this is going to be a phone to look forward to from the company. And moreover, they seem to be doing quite good in the market here and they also launched their surface studio PC recently. If you don’t know anything about the Surface Studio, then just keep one thing in mind that it is the powerhouse you will ever need to create anything you want.

With that being said, let’s hope for the best here from the company and see if all the rumours which we have been hearing all this while, actually become a reality with the surface phone. If you are interested to know more about this new phone, then be sure to stay tuned to Phone Radar as we will update more on this once we have more details on the same.

Karthik Iyer

Karthik is a Computer Science Graduate and a Tech Aficionado who has always found himself fascinated or playing around with all the latest and the best from the world of smartphones and beyond. When he is not working on any smartphone or covering the latest scoop, you can often find playing his favorite PS4 titles.

  • Mayank Parmar

    You guys are simply dumb. He didn’t said it is a Surface Phone. You guys should focus on Android and iOS, stay away from Microsoft things if you have no idea!

    • Aakash Gupta

      Can’t you see the UI of the phone? Its clearly a windows phone

  • Eric

    Solution to battery- it only does PC things when connected with USB C for power.

  • Nerdy Woman

    It’s not just the battery drain that makes a difference. I don’t use my phone for constantly connected apps very often, but I know that in the past 30 days, my Surface Pro 4 has burned through about 154 GB of data – OneDrive syncing alone took 100 GB, Edge ate another 10 GB, and System ate 1.4 GB. So perhaps Mobile is designed to sync less, download less, etc. WM 10 also has a smaller footprint. System only eats 3.9 GB on my 950, while Win 10, with apps installed, takes 27 GB.

    On the other hand, it’s all speculation. I would think that if the device is able to run x86 apps, they’d have to install Win 10 PC. Whatever it is, if it as stylish and rugged (give us that vapor mag case!) as my Surface Pro 4, I want one.

  • Windows user may prefer this if this one gels well with the windows PC!

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