LG G3 Hands-on & Initial Impressions – The 2K Display SmartPhone

by Chetan Bhawani 2

LG G3 Hands-on

Here comes the device with the advancement in almost every aspect from the predecessor, and the one with a few features that no other competitor in the market right now has got. The LG G3 with the Quad HD display is here! Pushing the boundaries of display resolution for smartphones, the G3 boasts a huge resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. To start off with the inclusions given by the company, the LG G3 comes with a 5.5-inch display with the Quad HD resolution, Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB RAM and 3000 mAh battery.

With LG, I always had an issue – the back buttons which were really unnecessary, but then, LG has now made the back buttons flat and now the device won’t rest on the buttons, which is at least good. And the 1440p display which I said to be just a hype and a useless upgrade when it was announced, looks actually beautiful and puts out what was said about it. Although this doesn’t really make a difference that easily to the eyes, but still, if you have the content with such a resolution, it would show perfectly on the display of LG G3.

Even for the LG G2 owners, this would not be a simple upgrade if they choose to do so, because apart from what is changed in the hardware aspect, LG has done a complete overhaul of the interface. The phone is quite big, not the easiest at comfort in one hand, being wide although LG has done all the efforts to reduce the bezel size. LG though has tried to do everything that gives a comfort for the users while using the device.

LG G3 Hands-on Back

One of the interesting parts in the G3 is the inclusion of the Laser Autofocus, which for a phone user should be something new and worth trying. For the initial use, we tried to click a few pictures with a fixed object and the speed of capture was flashing fast. But note this – it was a fixed object in decent light conditions so we would be able to judge the functioning and use when a complete review of the camera is done.

LG G3 Camera

Keeping the specs aside, we talk about the interface and performance on initial use – it was very responsive, fast and everything looked perfect. Having used the LG G2 for a long time, it wasn’t hard to reach the settings and end points but it was very easy to see how LG has tried to go simpler with the interface and it actually looks good. Right from the lock screen, you would notice loads of differences if you already used the G2, and if you are someone who are going to use the G3 for the first time, it could either look very intuitive and interesting although simple in looks, or it could bore you very soon (if you used Sony’s flagship phones which come with some good effects within the pre-installed apps).

It’s time we play around with the LG G3 for a few days, check out how it fares against the other flagships launched this year – Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z2 and HTC One M8.
Note: The device we are using here, is the Korean model of LG G3.

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  • Joshua Akinsola

    Whooh thats a nice phone definitely prefer the white design over the grey black design. Lg has definitely worked to put in a fierce contender in the smart phone race. As usual most phones in the competitor are very pricey but lg has their own features to implement to the table.
    Great Review!

  • Android

    The LG G3 looks great and i have to admit this is a big improvement from the G2. The simplistic design of the G3 is very attractive and goes hand in hand with the very fluid G3 UI. I think the best color for this phone is greu because when you using the screen it looks like there isnt even a bezel and also the back plate looks very clean with the grey variant. Also in my opnion the grey goes great with the UI and it looks spectacular. LG has done a great job with their device and they have integrated the features thst LG visulizes into device in a very simple and fluid manner. Great job LG and continue to astonish us with your unique and eye catching devices.