Lenovo K3 Note gets official Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update OTA in India

by Amit Bhawani 39

Lenovo K3 Note

Lenovo users can finally feel happy because the all new Marshmallow software update for the K3 Note Smartphone is finally available to all the users here in India. The software update is available Over-the-Air (OTA) to the users, who can directly receive a notification for the same if they have had enabled the Automatic Updates option.

The update is sized 1657 MB that is pretty large when compared to the similar updated we had seen yesterday for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone. We have received a confirmed notification regarding this software update through our follower Pankaj Chaudhary, who had sent the screenshot regarding the “System Update” on his Smartphone.

Lenovo K3 Note Marshmallow

In order to check if you have not received the notification, you need to head over to the Settings > About > Software Update section and click on “Check Updates” to manually seek for the same. The package is pretty large and the quick change log mentions that if you have had stored your applications earlier on the SD card, they would get erased and it is important to back up all the data on the SD card before proceeding with this update. We also hope that this update would fix few of the K3 Note Problems & issues we had mentioned long back.

Obviously you will have to wait for a very long period since the package itself is sized 1657 MB, following up with a good amount of time to install the same. If you have received this update, let us know in the comments section below & we would like to know your location and experience after installing the same.

Amit Bhawani


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  • Iron Man

    can some one post detailed changelogs after complete installation with screeshots????

    What has improved?

    • We are also awaiting the same from our users.

  • kishore kumar

    How much OS size marshmallow occupies? And also will it gives better performance in terms of RAM or Processor??

  • Sachin

    Yes there is an updated available and
    Here is the screen shot.

  • Sandeep Dhawan

    Marshmallow update saved money! I was about to trade in this phone for a redmi note 3 32 GB but now I will keep it for another few months. Earlier 5.0 software was the buggiest one. Phone needs several restarts, applications hanged a lot, no battery saver. All issues are sorted now. Looks like the device is breathing properly. OS occupied 4.81 GB out of 16 gigs

    • Nitin Prakash

      How is the network signal reception after the update? Is there any problem?

  • samanway sarkar

    i updated my k3 note yesterday, thr is a bug. unfotunately the process com,android.phone has stoped . no signal reception also. what to do

    • Bijith Thiruvappallil

      hi.. i also have the same issue 🙁

    • Aadil Saifi

      Yes, i also

    • aamir vhora

      what is the solution for this..i am troubling now for this isssue

  • K J

    hi all
    I updated to android 6.0… having no issue after update plenty of new features to deals with also app drawer is back in 6.0…. performance Is smooth after update.. rebooting takes long time which I think bugs in 6.0… Lenovo might releases bugs free update soon after review


      Please mention some new feature.

  • Prateek Saini

    Free ram is now 1+ GB and decrease in lagging. Works flawlessly now. Better performance and letting me use more internal space than the previous OS. Thanks lenovo 🙂



  • Sudhindra Krishnamurthy

    Any one experiencing wifi issue post updated ? I updated my lenovo to marshmallow and Wifi is turning itself off every minute. Any solution will be of great help?

    • Saurabh Singh

      Try with formatting the set

  • Saurabh Singh

    Updated yesterday and faced some problems. Some apps like eBay snapdeal truecaller stopped working and some stops after some time of Working. After every restart data connection automatically enables. Chromecast is not properly connected and disconnects very frequently say after 1 or 2 seconds of connection. Any idea how to roll back


      You can update all other third party applications from play store.your problem will drained out.

      • Saurabh Singh

        I tries that also but nothing happened. I cleared cache also but problem persist. Finally i formatted the set and now problems are resolved except one that after every restart data connection automatically starts.

        The bootloader is also changed to chinese but any how i managed.


          Okay.That’s fine

  • Vardan

    the boot loader is in Chinese language which is again frustrating because one cannot wipe the dalvik

    cache and cannot wipe data or anything.. it really gets frustrating after some time.. some one reply asap i need help thank you!

    • Saurabh Singh

      I formatted mine if you say i can give you the steps to format.

      • Vardan

        see buddy im frustrated as fuck im sorry for being rude as and reply like a dick but i need a solution. it would be better if you would tell us what you did with your phone instead of giving little hints about what to do… thanks anyways… still have issues.. shifted my apps to the sd. restarted the phone bAAM all apps gone. says apps not installed really frustrating and mindfucked!

  • Vardan

    yeah so i am having problems every fucking time i restart the phone gets
    fucked… clash of clans doest work anymore. clash royale doesnt
    work.every restart it says app is not installed. then i install it again
    and it says that app isnt installed properly please reinstall from play
    store. i do reinstall and then the same error shows up this is
    frustrating and not cool. kindly help me out

    • Saurabh Singh

      Format the set then install apps it worked for me

      • Dinesh

        Tried but it doesn’t work….Many Problems …The Phone has gone to scrap…Useless

      • Vardan

        what the fuck is a set???? can you be clear and elaborate a little… because format the set doesnt help and is frustrating……

  • arshad

    how disable mobile data lenovo k3 after restarting automaticaly on please solution send

  • Souvik Jana

    those who update marshmallow ………………………………….plzz show storage in screenshot

  • Mangesh Mahadik

    Hi after updating my lenovo k3 note to marshmallow my wifi connection gets off and on itself can anyone help to fix this issue pls help…………

  • Saurabh Singh

    Lenovo k3 note has received vr mode but it does not work properly as as soon it ge closer to the magnetic field the motion sensor hardly moves. It is working fine in k4 note. You can watch videos in k3 note but apps which use motion sensor do not work properly

    • Saurabh Singh

      Ok i removed the magnet in google cardboard and now its working fine. I use bluetooth joystic for using any function

  • Dinesh

    After Update to 6.0 it has Fucked my Phone….Useless and Now it is as good as SCRAP….

  • Saurabh Singh

    Anyone experienced heating problem and battery drain problem?

  • Ayan

    Hi All, After updating my data connection is not working…Previously it was working fine with AT &T connection. now it is saying ” Access point name setting is not available for this user”…I brought this phone from india.In US ,data connection was working fine previously with AT & T band frequency. Now it is not working at all..Are there any 4g/3g band frequency change in 6.0 version for K3 note..pls help me out..Also pls mention steps if i need rollback to older 5.0.1 version.
    Model : K3 Note

  • Aadil Saifi

    yes,i also

  • aamir vhora

    i updated my k3 note, thr is a bug. unfotunately the process com,android.phone has stoped . no signal reception also.what is the solution for this..i am troubling now for this isssue

  • Sudhindra Krishnamurthy

    I just received another 4mb patch from lenovo an hour back and after installing, all the issues I had after upgrading to marshmallow is resolved. I had a big problem with wifi gng bonkers every minute, which noow seems to be working fine and it solve s other mentioned issues as well.

    Check for the update patch OTA.


    • Vardan

      does it solve the storage issue???