Lenovo powered Conve Genius Slate Tablet for Children Launched

by Karthik Iyer 6

More and more companies are coming up with an effort to connect technology to the education world. On the same lines, yet another Indian company called the Conve Genius has announced launch a tablet of similar type. The company calls itself an edutainment solution provider and launched a tablet today focusing on kids. We are hoping this is going to be yet another tablet with some dedicated software to help kids learn and interact better.

Conve genius is launching the tablet today in New Delhi, and the press invitation has been sent out to the media. The tablets are powered by Lenovo and the company is going to be using its software application to develop an interactive learning environment. As per the company, the CG Slate is a “gamified-learning tablet specially designed for kids in order to make learning fun yet informative”.

There are two variants of the tablet, one for kindergarten to 2nd grade and the other one is for kids from 3rd to 5th grade. Both the devices are exactly same in terms of specifications, they both are powered by a 1.3 Ghz processor and comes with 1GB of RAM and comes with 8GB of internal storage and both have 7-inch displays. The only difference will be in the software features, where the features might be relevant to the age group. The device is priced at 7,499 INR.

Conve Genius is not the only company in the market to launch a tablet like this. Many companies have tried their luck, and a handful of such tablets from Chinese markets are also available here to purchase. More and more brands are now focusing on turning technology gadgets and smartphones into something that can be used to for educational purposes. Recently, we saw the BBK’s Imoo Learning Phone, which features a unique scanner for solving equations. BBK sells smartphones under the brand OPPO, Vivo, and OnePlus. The device is just like any other ordinary smartphone but as mentioned this one features a unique scanner that can be used to scan the mathematical equations, and the solution will be given out to you.

Stay tuned for more information on this new tablet from Conve Genius, as we will update accordingly.

Karthik Iyer

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  • Woodnote(hulone_)

    Now while playing games one can learn too. Sounds Amazing

  • Shibin A

    These days companies are interested in integrating technology and education.. After IMOO GET, now this.. Hope they really serve the purpose

  • Nitish Mishra

    I am afraid these edutainment phones are more for entertainment than education. Kids will get weaker in formulas and equations.

  • Pulkit Jain

    Companies are really trying hard to serve to the Educational Department but do we really need this?
    I mean it might be helpful but still if child gets addicted to it ,it might spoil him too.
    Apart from this ,it might also be harmful to the eyes.You don’t want to have your child with specs at an early stage of his life.

  • Uttarwar Anoop

    good step taken by lenova

  • Pratyush Singh

    nice as well as educational..