Lenovo A7000 Camera Review, Capture Samples

by Chetan Bhawani 4

Lenovo A7000 Back

One of the features Lenovo hasn’t upgraded from the A6000, while making the A7000, is the rear camera. It is the same 8MP shooter on the back of the device, while the actual change is with the app and with the front camera, that gets a 5MP sensor, compared to the 2MP one on its predecessor. While reviewing the A6000, we said how fast the autofocus worked on in the camera app. It is only a little slower in this case, although no big difference in the time it takes to try and focus on objects in low light.

The camera app has some manual controls under settings, not an appropriate location for someone wanting to easily access them and change the exposure, ISO. Not much to do in the modes as well, because HDR, Panorama and the effects is what completes the list. But, the app isn’t cluttered and thus, you see a larger screen area available to preview what is to be captured.

It isn’t a perfect camera out there, but for an 8-megapixel sensor, the quality of capture in broad daylight is appreciable. Disappointing on the other side, if we talk of low light captures. Even focusing isn’t quick and accurate when the light is not enough.

Low light, tried to use HDR to see the depth of colors. It made the capture darker to an extent and thus, the colors went actually bad.

Zooming in, on broad day light. The zoom is possible up to 4X at maximum, and the capture is not really appreciable at that level of zoom.

Low light, tried to manually control ISO to 1600 and it did make it a little brighter but a lot grainy. Not a good quality in the end.

HDR and Non HDR comparison. Shows that the area focused while taking HDR capture, became lighter and the color depth reduced. Also, HDR wasn’t really stable as many a times, a little shake made overlapped layers in the picture.

The camera isn’t good for low light captures, but is good enough where the light conditions are good. The selfies actually got quite better, thanks to the upgrade from 2MP to 5MP (A6000 to A7000), and even that could take 1080p videos, just like the rear camera, but the video is not something one would feel satisfied with.

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  • fair camera on the 7000. But not much of a change from the 6000. Really could have used an upgrade to 13MP

  • im_mukund

    13 mp rear camera would have been great in Lenovo A7000. But none the less, a good phone for its specs and price.

  • Parteek

    Lenvo A7000 in cart-Call 9068019030 / 9671808404

  • Heykal Radiologie

    70/100 are you crazy ?! the camera is a piece of shit ! light or not light…i think because it’s a chinese technologie !! i’ll give maximum 25/100 and i’m very kind !! everything good in this phone only this damned camera !!!