Latest Verizon HTC 10 Firmware brings DT Ignite bloatware, How to Disable on your Phone

by Vishal Toshiwal 2

Mobile carriers are known to install various third-party apps on the phones sold through them. In the United States and many regions, the contract system is followed where mobile carriers who partner up with smartphone brands to sell their SIM enabled devices.

Now Verizon Wireless a longtime mobile network provider in the United States has been known to offer quite the bloatware on their contract handsets. Particularly the brand has been accused of deliberately installing a DT Ignite bloatware after an OTA update rolled out to the users.

Recently, HTC 10 smartphone on Verizon network saw a firmware update, which reportedly introduced the DT (Digital Turbine) software on the HTC flagship handset. It is not the first time that Verizon has done something on this line.

Earlier Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge owners reported seeing new “DT Ignite” service, which is said to be responsible for downloading carrier bloatware apps on their smartphones. Eventually, the carrier issued a statement stating the purpose and functionality of the DT Ignite.

Supposedly, the DT Ignite’s purpose and functionality ha snot chanced since its last appearance in 2014. It is said to be responsible for installing carrier apps while users are in initial setup page of the device. Or it is also reported to function after a factory reset.

Earlier the company has to release a statement and promise that no new or random apps are being installed on their consumer’s handsets after their update it with the latest software.

If you are an owner of Verizon HTC 10, updated the latest firmware and facing this issue of seeing bloatware called DT Ignite. Then you don’t need to worry; there is a way to get rid of it. Just follow below steps to disable the DT Ignite on your HTC 10 smartphone.

  1. Access the notification shade by swiping down from the top of the screen.
  2. Launch the Settings app. Verizon HTC 10 - DT Ignite 1
  3. Now head over to the Apps under Device section.
  4. Locate the three dotted menu button and tap on top right corner.
  5. Further, tap on Show System. It will reveal the hidden apps on your system that are running in the background. Verizon HTC 10 - DT Ignite 2
  6. You have to find the DT Ignite app in the list and tap on it.
  7. Now tap on Disable button. You’re good to go. Verizon HTC 10 - DT Ignite 3

Note that your phone might have a DT Ignite folder on the internal storage. As you disable the app make sure you uninstall anything this app has downloaded and then safely delete the folder.

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  • Nebu Cherian

    This is only the problem with carrier contracted devices, but you get devices at great bargain.

  • The latest update didn’t add DT Ignite to my phone. It had already been installed since day one. I heard from others that the update re-enabled DT Ignite. For some reason, however, the latest update didn’t re-enable the app on my phone (which is a good thing).