Another iPhone 6 Plus Explodes in the Middle of the night while charging

by Karthik Iyer 3

Starting a week without an explosion news seems quite unlikely. With a number of explosions happening around the world, people will be scared to use these smartphone in future. And fulfilling the daily dose of smartphone explosion is yet another iPhone 6 Plus. And this is not the first iPhone which is exploding in the wild. Last week we saw an iPhone burning a hole in the back pocket of a student when the device exploded during a class. And this time, the iPhone 6 Plus exploded in the middle of the night damaging some products kept around it.

It has been reported that a resident of Fresno, California, Yvette Estrada’s iPhone 6 Plus exploded in the middle of the night while it was charging. The smartphone exploded and ended up damaging the furniture. And not just that, by the time she called for help, the device already damaged the two Apple Watch Stands. She stated that she heard a sizzling noise followed by a popping. Then she noticed smoke coming out of the screen of her iPhone 6 Plus. She stated that they put water onto the device and called 911 for assistance.

The women also stated that she was lucky that device was on the table and not under her pillow or somewhere near her. She ended her statement by saying that she hopes the company will fix this issue and compensate her for happened. Well, this is very unfortunate and we hope this never happens to anyone else since it is extremely dangerous. One of the things which you can avoid to prevent this from happening is not leaving your smartphone to charge overnight. Sometimes, this may result in overheating of the smartphone and can lead to such incidents.

And according to Estrada, Apple has offered her to provide a new stand for her Apple Watch. a new charger and a free replacement for the iPhone 6 Plus. She was also offered for a replacement to the new iPhone 7, but she was asked to pay for it if she wanted the new iPhone 7. But at least it is good to see that the company actually responded back this time around, unlike last time. And now we have been witnessing a lot of these iPhone explosions lately after the Note 7 fiasco. We hope the company investigates it further and tries to put an end to this issue. Stay tuned for more info on this in the future.

Karthik Iyer

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  • When this will end! Probably never!! 🙁

  • Vishal Giri

    I think every one is psyched about the DIWALI celebration!!

  • Rohit Kavathekar

    i think this is the third incident of explosion of iPhone 6 series smart phones.
    Apple needs seriously look into this issue to find what the reason behind the explosions. & need to fix this as soon as possible.