Huawei Smartphone Explodes in China, Expected to be Huawei P8

by PhoneRadar Bureau 1

Earlier this month, we had reported about the Huawei P8 Lite smartphone that has saved its owner from gun shots. Within a month after that incident, today the Huawei smartphone is exploded in China. Though the device is initially expected to be Huawei P9, the lack of fingerprint sensor suggests it to be the last year’s Huawei P8. Apart from the photos posted on Weibo, there is no other information available about the explosion of this Huawei device.

We don’t even know the authenticity of this incident since there are almost 28 false explosions mentioned to be of Galaxy Note 7. Even the two Galaxy Note 7 smartphones that are exploded in China are also said to be heated in a Microwave oven. There are also rumors that Huawei is behind that incident, but in return, the company issued a public statement stating that it has no connection with those incidents.

Talking about the Huawei P8 explosion, we can see the battery part hasn’t been damaged, but the top half is totally destroyed. Somehow the strip over the camera module came off, and the top of the back panel also separated. While the Galaxy Note 7 had a fault in its battery, most of the other smartphone explosions take place because they use low-quality battery or power adapter.

We have also seen a OnePlus One and Xiaomi Mi 4i explosions in India. Though the smartphone will undergo the quality check before shipping to the users, but the device explosions can be caused by using the low-quality power adapter, USB cables, and third-party batteries. Hence, we recommend using only the officially certified accessories along with the smartphone.

We will be updating the article, once we have more information regarding the Huawei’s smartphone explosion. Stay tuned for more updates!

  • Brent Muller

    You cannot say the device exploded with no hard evidence or the owner admitting to this.That device could’ve accidentally haven into an open fire on a social occasion or could’ve been overcharged. I would sue these blogs with no evidence that makes assumptions.