Google Duo, Video Chatting App reaches 5 Million Downloads in a Week

by Karthik Iyer 10

Last week, Google officially launched their video calling app, Duo, which is being touted as the Facetime killer from the search giant. In just a week’s time, the video calling app has seen more than 5 Million downloads on Google Play Store.

It is a huge number considering the app was available to download online even before it went live on Play Store.

Earlier, Aug 18 : Google Duo, the new Facetime killer from Google, will soon support audio calls. According to the source, this new audio call feature will come soon to the application. However, we don’t have any actual date for this update, but it looks like it will roll out soon to the users. So, this might be an ultimate communication solution from the company, with just one application for all needs. Considering the fact that we already have applications like Whatsapp, Skype etc. for the exact same usage scenario, this is no bummer. Now let’s just wait and see how this is implemented and when the company is planning to roll out this as an update. Stay tuned for more info on this.

Earlier: Google released a new video chat app called the Duo. This new application is all set to challenge the Apple’s Facetime application, which is there since forever and is one of the most used application for ios. This new app is an addition to the existing array of communication apps that the company offers.

Duo lets users initiate a 1-on-1 video call with another person via their phone number. The problem here is that the app will not connect with any other existing products like the Google Chat, Hangouts, Spaces or even the upcoming messaging app called the Allo. So this is just another addition to the existing line of applications as mentioned before. It is also expected that the Google Hangouts will now be more of a business-oriented app to manage all the work and the Duo is going to be more of a consumer-oriented app for day-to-day use.
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The company announced the app at Google I/O back in May along with the other messaging app called Allo, and now officially the app is now rolling out globally for Android and iOS. Now talking about what the application does, it is very similar to what we currently have in the market like Facetime or even Facebook Messenger. So, Google is kind of late to the party here with this one. But the Duo is a simple app with no complex controls, which also makes it look little bland in a way. Also, note that there is no group calling feature here. It is apparently as simple as opening the application and selecting the contact to initiate the call with and then start the video call.

Google India officially reported about the launch of the application. However, it is still not available to download from the Play Store. You can go ahead and download the Google Duo APK now. Once the app is available, we can report more on the quality of the service, interface, etc. So stay tuned for more details on this in coming days.

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  • Nebu Cherian

    One of the best features I think is bringing both ios and android users together…Apple facetime doesn’t allow this…hope people like me love this app…btw I have registered for the app, hope it launches very soon

  • Nebu Cherian

    Thanks for the app…will download it and try for sure

  • I’m getting connection error.. Can anyone Plz tell me the way out..

    • Nebu Cherian

      I too got the connection error…may be we should wait a little bit

      • May be, coz today by PST zone the app will be officially start rolling out.. Let’s see if we get the first hit..

        • Its available and working for everyone. Give it a try now.

  • Paul ‘Tyronnster’ Tyronney

    Getting unable to verify number in the uk

  • Nebu Cherian

    This new feature is always a welcome addition…but what I really love about this app is its simplicity.

    • Nebu Cherian

      I wish they’d integrate all the apps into one…Allo (to be launched) + hangouts + Duo

  • Looks like it’ll break all records soon created by video calling apps ever!!