Galaxy S7 Edge owner sues Samsung for $15000 after Phone Explosion causes Third-Degree Burns

by Teja Chedalla 3

With the series of Galaxy Note 7 explosions, Samsung is facing hardest times in the last few decades. The sales of the Galaxy Note 7 are stopped globally except China and the company also announced to replace all the 2.5 million handsets sold in the initial two weeks. Two days back, we had reported about the Garage and a Jeep that are burnt down by the Galaxy Note 7 explosions. It is also banned on the flights in Australia, India, Japan, and we expect more countries to join the list.

Now a lawsuit was filed against the Galaxy smartphone explosion, and if you think it’s Galaxy Note 7, then you are wrong. The device in the question is the Galaxy S7 Edge which is the most popular device launched in 2016. This incident took place on May 30th in Ohio state of the U.S causing second and third degree burns. The California resident Ramirez has brought the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from BestBuy Store on March 11th.

In few minutes after entering the bookstore on May 30th, Ramirez observed vibrations and a thick smoke coming out from the pants pocket in which the S7 Edge was placed. Though the device was thrown away, it had already burned the pants along with his right leg and fingers. Even before this incident, a Galaxy S6 was exploded while it was kept for charging in the night. Luckily there are no casualties even though a three year old boy was sleeping just beside the device. Samsung had replaced the device and paid £1200 in damages caused to the furniture.

(Note: You can get the copy of the lawsuit from here)

Compared to Galaxy S6 incident, the Galaxy S7 Edge has severely affected the user. He had undergone the surgeries and is asking for the compensation of $1500 from Samsung. Though the similar incidents aren’t expected from every Galaxy S6 and S7 Edge smartphones, we don’t recommend you to keep the devices nearer to you while charging. In case, if you are using Galaxy Note 7, just switch off your device.

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  • So even S7 and edge are not safe!! :O

  • Tim

    Still, most the international variants have not appeared in any of these recent headlines. The article does state it was purchased at Best buy under Verizon’s plan. Which a lot of those phones are modded by the carrier. Even with my S5 international, I never had any of the problems people around me had being that I got my phone(s) directly from Samsung and not a carrier in the states. Still it’s early, I only had my phone may be 3 or 4 months now. Buying direct cost a lot, but in the end for me It’s been great. My S5 was in such great condition I could have gotten $400 bucks easy for it, but “gave” it to a friend for $50 bucks! Both running Android 6 Marshmallow believe it or not, without ever rooting it or any of my phones. In retrospect, I also question a lot of these stories because I remember reading a lot about the water proof tab on the bottom of the the S5’s just “falling” off when you could clearly “read” that the people making the claims were not telling the whole story.

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