How to find if your Chinese or Hong Kong Galaxy Note 7 is Faulty & get Replaced

by Pavan Kumar B.C 2

After some blasts of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the South Korean giant has confirmed that these blasts are caused due to some faulty batteries that are causing these devices to explode. These devices have exploded while charging and are manufactured by company’s own affiliate Samsung SDI. The batteries on the Galaxy Note 7 are destined for China are made by the different company and so are not affected by the global recall of the device.

Just to be sure that there is no affected unit in China, the tech giant has launched an online IMEI check tool that can be used by the Galaxy Note 7 users from the region China, Hong Kong and Macau to check if the handset they received is faulty or not. To check the IMEI number on the Galaxy Note 7, the user needs to dial *#06#, and IMEI number will be shown that has to be entered in the online IMEI check tool, and if the hat falls in the affected IMEI range, then Samsung HK will replace the device with new one.

galaxy Note 7 replacement

Note: The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be replaced only if the IMEI number falls in the affected range and valid for the customers who purchased the device between August 26th and September 1st. 2016. Moreover, this device should be purchased from authorised distributors in Hong Kong and Macau or else this replacement is not valid. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was announced in the month of August and came with a 5.7-inch screen with QHD display. There is a 12 MP camera on the rear accompanied with 5 MP sensor on the front.

It comes out of the box with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow that can be upgradable to Android 7.0 Nougat. There is a fingerprint sensor which will enhance the security and will come with Samsung Pay application. There are talks that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 might be banned on flights in the U.S. Although it all depends on FCC if the decision has to be made and the Airlines will have to follow them. So are you planning to but the Galaxy Note 7? If yes, what are the measure that you will be taking to be on the safer side? Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more news.

Pavan Kumar B.C


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  • rphunter

    In WWII, the Japanese made thousands of balloon bombs, undetectable by radar, and set them loose in the air currents that would in time take them to the US, where they exploded. Very few of them fell in populated areas, but the idea was pretty sneaky. Is China trying to tell us something with this, or is it just a coincidence that the ones sold in China don’t have the problem? I wonder.

  • Thanh Le

    I don’t feel Samsung honest in replacement. I am from Sydney, I bought from eBay Hongkong one set. The Seller pre-ordered them (Note7) I believe at least 50 sets (my set is among) , I contact seller, they don’t have any idea what Samsung doing. I contact in person Samsung Sydney, they refuse to replace the reason is I bought not from Samsung or Australia Telcos carriers (So it means my Item is not made from Samsung and safe? Ridiculous). I put IMEI of my Note 7 into Samsung Hongkong website ,Samsung Hongkong show my IMEI is not eligible for replacement (they only replace Note 7 sell from Samsung Hongkong & Macau or “Authorised” sellers).
    Is it means my Note 7 is not made from Samsung and can not have replacement?
    I suppose Samsung has to set up a scheme like a website, You input your IMEI in there, they checking up if Item really made from Samsung then they will send replacement Note7 to Samsung in your city. When replacement arrived Samsung in your city will SMS you to come with your Recall Item and Replaced no matter where did you buy it (you may bought it as a traveller in a duty free somewhere in the world but you still have the right to be replaced it when you arrived back home, and replacement should be in your current City to avoid send back dangerous item through airlines parcels.
    My humble opinion