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Fake iPhone 7 with Dual Cameras already in China before official Launch

iPhone 7 is expected to launch in the month of September and according to most reports, the new iPhone is going to be very similar to the existing variant in terms of design. Apple used to follow a two-year redesign cycle for its smartphones but apparently, the company is going easy with the design this year. Rumors points that, Apple might be shifting to a three-year design cycle from this year onwards.

Numerous leaks have already pointed out the differences between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6s in design. Also, these rumors have helped many Chinese Knock-off companies to come up with the iPhone 7 clones, faster than expected. An Apple iPhone 7 complete clone with a dual lens camera, redesigned antenna lines, and an Apple logo is already out. This clone looks similar to the Pink iPhone, which we have seen in the many leaks so far. But it’s enough to read the fine print that reads “Designed by TAIWAN, made in China” to realize this isn’t some near-final iPhone 7 Plus, but a clone that someone picked up from the Chinese handset makers.

But looking at the clone, it appears that the headphone jack is here to stay. It is not clear whether this clone is functional or not. If it is indeed functional, then it is probably running some version of Android, just as all the previous iPhone clones did. Obviously, there is not commercial name for it, and we are also not sure if you can purchase it from anywhere yet. Also there have been lots of rumors pointing to an iPhone 7 pro with dual camera lens which is very similar to this one clone here.

Most people don’t bother to care about these knock-offs, but many of them do purchase them. But mainly, those who buy the used iPhones should be very careful as they might be sold one of these knock-offs instead of the original ones. Surprisingly, Apple has lost a patent case in China over the iPhone 6 design to a company that’s not actively selling any smartphones. Phone makers in China have been selling these knock-offs for years now, and we have seen a lot of them before.

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Display 4.7" IPS LCD (1334 x 750 pixels) Processor Apple 10, 16nm CPU Manufacturing Process (Quad core 2.458 GHz)
Camera Rear - 12 MP
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External - No
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By Karthik Iyer on Wednesday 29th of Jun 2016

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