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Droidcon India 2014 Event Live Blog



Droid Con 2014

Droidcon was a great two day conference for the established developers/entrepreneurs was well as the budding ones. There was so much to learn about building for Android. We enjoyed covering this year’s Droidcon event held in Bangalore. Keep looking out for more upcoming live blogging coverage like CES and MWC next year. You can keep yourself updated at the PhoneRadar Events.

1:00 PM
So, guys thank you for tunning in for the Live blogging of Droidcon, the Day 2 end here. Now its all workshops.

12:50 PM
All the sponsors are now on stage for feedback session. Looks like we are packing up.

12:42 PM
Use tools like Appium to automate your apps.

12:35 PM
“Planning helps you a lot in building great app” – Sukesh Soman.

12: 24 PM
Continuous Integration – You have to a repository.
Continous Integration

12:13 PM
Industry split of crashes.
Industry Split of crash

12:04 PM
Current State of play in Google Play Store. Some unbelievable stats.
Current state of play

12:03 PM
Next up on stage is Sukesh Soman. He will be talking about the App testing, CI and Automation.

11:57 AM
Reduce the apk size of your apps by carefully selecting the color filters

11:40 AM
Advantages of following UI concepts are pretty much endless.

11:35 AM
Next up on stage is Sriram Ramani. He is talking about abstract UI concepts.
Sriram Ramani

11:00 AM
CyanogenMod doesn’t restrict you to any specific playstore, this was the answer Abhishek gave to a developer.

10:45 AM
Someone from audience ask if Abhishek has CM 12 running on his phone and he does.
CM 12

10:39 AM
Money factors always comes in if the project is open source. Abhishek quoted, “to work on Project that they have to provide $9000 Servers to work on.”

10: 35 AM
Cyanogen is now working on CM12.

10:29 AM
Point of failure.
point of failure

10:25 AM
Some thing starts with Chaos, but later they grow it something cool. Like Cyanogen!

10:10 AM
Six Years of Innovation.
6 Years

10:07 AM
Next up on stage is Abhishek Devkota. He will be talking about CyanogenMod and Cyanogen OS.

10:03 AM
Developer’s are engaging in interaction with Paresh Goel. Brain storming is ON!

9: 59 AM
There is debate going on if Hybrid applications are better or not. Looks like HTML won here.

9:57 AM
The first Q & A session of the Day started.

9:53 AM
This should you do to build grat social app , according to Paresh Goel.

9:50 AM
Hike uses Bulk Packet as its mode to deliver the pending messages.
Bulk Packet

9:48 AM

9:39 AM
Hike Stats.
Hike stats

9:35 AM
Paresh Goel from Hike Messenger is on stage to talk about building for India.
Paresh Goel

Day 2 Begins

5: 00 PM
Ok, that’s it guys. Thank you for hanging around here to tune in for the live blogging of Day 1 for Droidcon 2014 Developer’s Conference. Day 1 Ends

4:57 PM
Marketing and feedback is a necessary tool of growth for app developers.

4:54 PM
Why you have to think like an Entrepreneur if you are an app developer? That is what is being talked about here.

4:48 PM
Internet of Things is a big talk on Day 1 of the Droidcon. We are looking at the demo for the apps dedicated for Electrics made by Audi, Mercedes, etc.
Car Stats on App

4:41 PM
This was quite good. You can pretty much try out any watch while you just need picture of your wrist. And then Google your choices away and try out right away.
Augmented Reality

4:30 PM
Now its time for Flash Talks. Interested developers are demo there project works. I find this Augmented Reality demo quite cool.

4: 29 PM
Normal Start vs Referral Start.
Normal Start vs Refferral Start

4:22 PM
Google App Indexing is one of the examples of mobile deep linking.Google App Indexinbg

4:17 PM
Ramu K.C. from Imaginea has come up on stage to explain what is Mobile Deep Linking.
Ramu K. C.

3:45 PM
Now its tea time. Will be back soon for the next session by Ramu K. C. for Mobile Deep Linking.

3: 42 PM
Q & A going on, and the developers are asking quite interesting questions. Brain storming!

3: 25 PM
You have to work on consumer behaviour as it plays an important role in growth of the app.

3: 22 PM
Graphical representations are pretty important for any app development.

3:19 PM
Offer better experiences.
Offer Experinces

3:09 PM.
Take away from this session: Points to note while building an app for consumers.

3:03 PM
Next up is the Raghuram Trikutam. He will be talking about what does it take to build an app like Freecharge

3: 01 PM
There are some limitations to this , but the developer promises to finish it out soon.

3:00 PM
What things Okulus can do ?

2: 54 PM
Okulus provides an easiest way to use the image effect on their apps with zero over drop.

2:45 PM
Next up on Stage is Vinay S. Shenoy, talking about the okulus.

2:35 PM
You have heard of GPS. Now there is thing called IPS, Indoor Positioning System.
GPS and  IPS

2:30 PM
Now that we are back from Lunch. Lets start how Bluetooth Low Energy can be used to leverage Beacons with proximity and positioning.

12:59 PM
Soham talking about how scrolling and progress bar has now changed in new Material Design.
Material Design Scrolling

12: 43 AM
You have noticed that Android Lolipop is all about motion. This is all because of Authentic motion.
Authentic Motion

12:40 PM
For the first time , Android has created a grid layout for developers, making the design more streamlined

12:30 PM
Google is trying to bring paper/ink concept in virtual media.

12: 29 PM
Take away from this session is that we will learn how to take advantage of this new color language developed for Android OS.
Material Design

12:27 PM
Next up on stage is Soham Mondal. He will be talking about the Material Design introduced by Google this year

12: 23 PM
Rahul Sharma says, he is completely focusing on his new baby, the Yu Mobiles.

12:21 PM
There is an Yu App contest, and the grand prize is INR 100,000. The contest is live at
And Rahul Sharma is carrying the exclusive Micromax Yu phone.

12:10 PM

Yu And Cyanogen

12: 06 AM
Talking about how he started Micromax Mobile ten years ago.

12:04 AM
Finally. Rahul Sharma has showed up on stage. We are excited.
Rahul Sharma

12:00 AM
There are limitation to this connectivity services. Right now the NFC is only used in India as far as in the attendance system.
NFC Challeneges

11: 50 AM
Demonstration going on about how you can emulate the host-based data while using Android NFC.

11: 45 AM
NFC history in India. There are Metro cards as well as has various use case scenarios. But the NFC wallet facility is still far away in India.
NFC History

11: 30 AM
Looks like the Micromax session didn’t go through for some reason.

11:25  AM

11: 05 AM
You can easily connect Android App building tools via Microsoft Plugins and other set of tool.

11: 02 AM
Media Services Architecture is being recommended here for developing media streaming apps.
Media Services Architecture

11: 01 AM
Media Apps

11:00 AM
Now there is talk about how media streaming apps are doing in India.

10:55 AM
Microsoft has assured that you don’t need Microsoft specific language to work with Azure Mobile Service. Interesting huh.

10:45 AM
So, after learning about scaling of backend setup, it seems like it is quite easy to setup backend service for your Android app.

10:30 AM
Create a Mobile Service.
Mobile Service

10:15 AM
This should be your Agenda while developing Android Apps.

10:05 AM
Now we are about to learn a whole bunch of things on how to proceed in developing Android apps.

10:01 AM
We are LIVE from MLR Convention Center at Bangalore for the Droidcon 2014 event.
Droid Con 2014

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