Cyanogen to offer pieces of its Android OS to different OEMs as ‘Mods’

by Karthik Iyer 4

CyanogenMod is only that comes to most of the people’s mind when you think about customising Android OS. It’s been there in the market for quite some time now, and all the developers and users in the community always enjoyed working with Cyanogen and making it better every day. The best about the CyanogenMod is the fact it is accessible to anyone at any given point unless your device supports it and you are willing to take the risk of installing it.

Soon after it was so popular that OnePlus offered it as the primary OS on its first smartphone which is the OnePlus One. But again there were differences and both parted ways. So as of now we see Cyanogen as a potential company that could offer a great OS based on consumers needs. But the company is planning something different. Yesterday the company announced that Lior Tal is the new CEO of the company. Following that, they also announced a new strategy.

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Basically according to the company, instead of trying to license it’s entire OS to the OEMs (just like any other OS developer would do), the company is breaking it’s features into different pieces and will offer them as ‘Mods’. These Mods can basically be applied to any core Android Install. So this essentially means that the manufacturers will be able to pick and choose what features they want and get those from Cyanogen.

Yes, it was expected from the company that they do something different, but this is something which no one expected from them. The scale at which Cyanogen was operating was definitely not enough to build the company further, but this move is also not all that promising either. Nowadays, even the stock Android that Google offers comes with a variety of features, and mostly nobody needs anything more than that to get over the day to day activities.

But it is always good to have custom OS on your smartphone to feast your customising needs, but this move is certainly not something which many users were looking forward to. And as of now, it is not confirmed if any of the OEMs are even interested in buying these ‘Mods’ and implementing it on their OS version. So that is something which we have to wait and see how it works out for them. The company’s new CEO Tal comments on this, saying that they are creating something greater than the sum of our parts, which will allow value, independence and intelligence to flow freely between the layers of the ecosystem.

With that being said, let’s hope some OEMs get on board with them and try to implement these ‘Mods’ and offer something new. And if we do get something new, we will definitely update more on that once we have some new info. So meanwhile stay tuned to Phone Radar for more details on this.

Karthik Iyer

Karthik is a Computer Science Graduate and a Tech Aficionado who has always found himself fascinated or playing around with all the latest and the best from the world of smartphones and beyond. When he is not working on any smartphone or covering the latest scoop, you can often find playing his favorite PS4 titles.

  • I am still a fan of Stock Android or near stock Android experience but then i had a nighmare with Cyanogen…
    I used to be a fan of Cyanogen when i was using Nexus 4 some 3 years ago and then i switched to Xiaomi Mi4 and installed CM 12&13 on that. Firat couple of months CM was good then it started bringing tonns of bugs and i was unable to use the phone. My friends were also facing same issues on other devices and that was the time i shifted back to MIUI. Now using OnePlus 2 with Oxygen OS 3.0.1 as and i have never looked back to CM.

    CM used to update their nightly builds every day and each nightly build would bring more and more bugs rather than solving them.

  • Only time will tell, if this decision was right or not! Cyanogen certainly brings some cool customization to Android! And it is far better than many overly customized UIs and better than many poorly optimized Chinese brands! So I’m excited to see how it’s going to work! ūüôā

  • Rohit Kavathekar

    A Good News for Smartphone Manufacturer’s who is looking for an specific suite of features to integrates into their respective smartphones.
    A very good initiative take by cyanogen. apart from buggy cyanogen mod & OS i usually prefer cyanogen for more secure as well as customization options as well.
    partitioned of divides specific mods of entire os acvording to there feature criteria is an very Good. Consumer also got options to which smartphone to select according to their needs of features.

  • Akhil S

    cyanogen was one my favorite custom rom out there always out perform stock, but after releasing android 6 i couldn’t feel such difference