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Archos Music Beany – A Wearable Woolen Hat which Plays Music

Archos has announced an interesting wearable that differs from the current wearable technology. If you thought Fitness band, Smartwatches, and Wireless earphones were only few wearable technologies that existed. Then, you might be wrong as the French manufacturer has introduced the unique connected smart device, which can interact with the smartphone in your pocket. The Archos Music Beany is a comfortable and stylish beany that has the benefit of a headphone.

The Music Beany can be connected to your smartphone or tablet via a Bluetooth connection. The Beany is a hat with headphones installed in it, which might start a trend about wearing a woolly wearable. The wearable hat is supported to work with Android, iOS and Windows Phones devices. To purchase Music bean will cost you £29.

Archos Music Beany

Coming to the actual use of this beany, it can be wore during winter’s season in most of the country while still giving you a feeling of a connected earphone. Though, you might think that the only purpose of this wooly hat is to listen music, but it can be a good music listening alternative to the usual earphones as it will be comfortable and stylish too.

Consumers in countries where the weather is cold during most of the time in a year will find this wearable interesting. See what Archos has to say about their product.

A plush beany that combines the benefits of a headphone with the style and comfort of a traditional beany.

The Music bean will retail for £29 or $39 and is slated to go on sale in September, though, the exact date of availability is unclear for now. All these devices will make their public appearance at the IFA Expo in Berlin next week. But it can be sure that these kinds of connected devices will get a lot of praise from at least the wearables consumers.

By Vishal Toshiwal on Saturday 30th of Aug 2014

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