Apple may launch iPhone 6x & 6x Plus instead of iPhone 7 in September

by Karthik Iyer 4

Apple is expected to launch the new iPhones for this year later in September. Until this point, everyone is expecting the company to name the new phones as iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus as they did with the two variants last year and the year before that. But according to the latest tip, these might not be the name of the phones launching later this year.

According to Venture Beat, the company is going to save the names for next year, when it will be celebrating ten years since the launch of the original iPhone. So the question is, what will be names of the two variants that are going to be launched this year? While this is only a rumor now, but it completely makes sense, as the new variants are not going to be a significant change from the previous year’s model.

Rumors claim that the company’s new technologies are not ready yet, and hence, the new models are going to be just a minor upgrade from the current version. According to the previous leaks, the company will introduce “subtle” modifications, the most important among them being the lack of a 3.5mm audio jack. The next-gen iPhones will use their lightning connectors for both charging the battery and connecting your headphones.

Apple is also planning to include a 3.5mm to lightning adapter in the retail boxes for its new iPhones. We are not sure if the EarPods will have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack or the new lightning cable. It is claimed that the company is making this decision, to make the new iPhones even thinner by 1mm than the current variants. Thew new iPhone will also come with the latest iOS 10 out of the box, with other compatible devices receiving the update soon after.

The source also notes that Apple seems to be moving to a three-year redesign cycle. Currently, the company refreshes its flagship’s design every two years. But it is expected that next year when the new iPhones will be launched, it will have a variety of new design features including Glass back, OLED displays with the fingerprint scanner embedded on it.

Now the ultimate question is, what is going to be the names of the new iPhones launching this year. It is probably going to be the same iPhone 6 with something. It could be iPhone 6x and iPhone 6x Plus that’s something completely new like the iPhone SE that was launched last year. As we had reported earlier, the smaller screens on the iPhone SE could be a success & the market reports did prove us right. Let us know what do you think about the new name and will you be happy with the three-year redesign cycle for the iPhones.

Karthik Iyer

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  • Shibin A

    I think a number shud be for a particular year… The number six was for 2015…for 2016…it shud be 7….as Samsung is also planning to do so

  • Woodnote(hulone_)

    Whatever the names be Apple needs to overhaul it’s designdesign. They cannot take their customers for granted.


    I hope this is just a rumour & should fade away like a rumour. I think 3 year is a long period in smartphone industry & I am OK with 2 year design policy. If Apple stick with 6x & 6x plus, they should be well prepared for criticisms this time

  • Dmitry

    So, the refresher of iPhone 6 SE will be iPhone 6 SEX.