Announcing PhoneRadar Talk – A Tech focused Video Series

by Amit Bhawani 5

PhoneRadar Talk Video Series

If you are here on PhoneRadar for the First time, you should know that our team has been into reporting tech news on different publications from years, while here on this website we also offer you with extensive research and coverage around Phones. We have been doing coverages of the latest devices on this site along with video coverage on our YouTube Channel that helps you in understanding the features of each Smartphone. If you are looking to buy a new phone, you can use the Phone Finder to save your time & make a quick discussion.

We are now starting a new video series that would help you in understanding technology in a different way. Instead of the regular Unboxing or features video we are going to discuss the happenings in the tech industry one video at a time. Let us talk about the personal experiences wearing fitness bands or about the Google Daydream that’s the future in the Virtual Reality Arena. To make it clear, we are going to upload a daily video on different stories around technology depending on the requests we receive.

Keep sending your requests for a topic you think we should cover, discuss & debate with experts in the industry apart from our team. Followed is the first video in this series that covers the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, where we talk about the things we know about this Smartphone.

Check it out:

We are looking forward to your feedback, requests for the topics we should cover in this series. Let’s talk about the same on the PhoneRadar Talk series.

Amit Bhawani


Amit Bhawani is a Professional Blogger & Founder of PhoneRadar, Android Advices & Gizmo Report. He has received various awards like the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award & Samsung Mobilers Award. He covers more on the subject of value of mobile phones to consumers and gives insights to mobile buyers helping them to buy the right device.

  • Shibin A

    Great video..loved it..all the best for the series

  • chiragkapuriya

    I agree iris scanner is not that much needed feature as most of people are not going to use it specially in dark environment. I think FP sensor is fine for normal day-to-day usage though i am happy with pattern/PIN lock on my OPO. [ No one can swipe your finger while sleeping too]

    New series looks promising [ i am watching secretly in my office though 😛 ] short and to the point video is preferred as this one. This can be daily dose of tech for anyone looking forward to get idea about tech buzz happening out there!

    Note color i would love is always BLACK 🙂

    Good concept about series, looking forward to each and every upcoming videos 🙂 Best luck 🙂

  • Nitish Mishra

    Great start Team……….Gud luck for future episodes….

  • Uttarwar Anoop

    ur totally right iris scanner is not important but security point of view may be in future it will become boon for every one !


    #PhoneradarTalk is really interesting.My suggestion is to keep the videos in the series always conversational ,just like the 1st episode