Airtel’s 90 Days Free 4G Data Plan actually costs Rs 1,495 & comes with 30GB Data

by Karthik Iyer 5

Bharti Airtel, India’s largest telecommunications services provider, today announced the launch of a special 4G data pack that offers free data for 90 days (T&C Applied). Interested customers can avail this offer by purchasing the plan for 1495 INR. And if you are a new user, then you can avail this offer with the first recharge 1494 INR. With this ‘special 4G data pack’ users will be getting unlimited free data with a data cap, off course.

Essentially the data usage cap has been set to 30GB with a with a validity of 90 days. So, once users finish the 30GB data, they will get access to low-speed data which will correspond to 2G speeds. The company’s official stated that they are focused on providing great value to customers. They stated that the customers with 4G handsets generally consume a large amount of data and this proposition is specifically aimed at those customers.

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Do make a note that this plan is currently available only in Delhi, and it is reported that it will be launched across other circles over the next few days. And if you dig deep, this plan closely resembles the idea of 50 INR per GB from Jio 4G. 1,495 INR comes down to about 50 INR per GB for 90 days. So technically it is coming down to about the same price. Well, this is certainly not the first time that we are seeing such special offers from the telecom providers.

On the wake of Jio 4G launch, we saw many telecom providers coming up with new offers which would benefit customers. Many telecom providers including Vodafone, Idea, etc. came up with some new tariff offers or offered a hefty discount on the existing offers. And this is certainly not going to be the last one either. We will definitely see some more plans like this in future maybe from telecom providers as well. Stay tuned for more info on this.

Karthik Iyer

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  • Abhilash Nazar

    “”Special 4G data pack that offers free data for 90 days. Interested customers can avail this offer by purchasing the plan for 1495 INR.””

    I really dont get the point of “free” word here? Why are these companies scamming users using the “free” keywords when you have to pay.. These words in ads should be banned if they are not used properly

  • Dhilipan

    looking forward to still better offers…

  • Surya K S

    Free!!! Free!!! Free!!! but just u have to pay 1495 rupees and u will get unlimited data but oly 30gb,thn speed will suck.. Good marketing strategy…

  • Slowly its getting cheaper..

  • Singla Vipin

    fake plan…. just visit any airtel center 121 u will know..
    I have a 4G hotspot (Post paid) and when I enquire for 30GB data Plan of airtel pre-paid.. it got so many restrictions .. like after 1GB u have to pay 100 INR for each GB etc….