100 OnePlus X Invites Giveaway

by Amit Bhawani 9

OnePlus X Invites

The OnePlus X was the recently launched Smartphone by the brand that was also made available to purchase through the Invites System. In order to buy the Phone you need to get an Invite & we at PhoneRadar are offering 100 Invites in the next 100 hours through this Giveaway. Just Follow on Twitter & Comment below if you wish to win one of these to buy the Phone that’s available on Amazon India.

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To get started just login to your Twitter Account & Follow the steps mentioned in the widget below. We will contact all the winners & share the Invite when them.

100 OnePlus X Invites

Do comment below once you join the Giveaway & the OnePlus Team will contact you on the email address linked to the comment.

Amit Bhawani


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  • Pawan Chitta

    Would like to win 1 Oneplus X Invite. wanted to buy this phone by after watching the your review

  • Bibin138



    I would love an invite now, I have been waiting for too long . 🙂

  • balajiraghuram

    An exception phone needs an exception invide lets see what luck means with this invite!!!!

  • Nandil Bhatia

    My phone stopped working. I really need a new one. This would really help. 🙁

  • Angesh Pokharel

    I need an invite now, I’ve been waiting for long.

  • Manik Madaan

    I need an invite please

  • Abdulkader Shahpurwala

    wish to win the invite!!!

  • Tierney McClary

    would love to win. Thanks